Tube and profile cutting

We offer our customers the most modern cutting service on the market for tube profiles. With our plant and equipment, we are able to reduce the stages of downstream tooling and machining.

Laser cutting makes it possible to create precise holes, gaps and notches in tubes and profiles quickly and efficiently. One of the best features of our machine is its 3D cut. The rotating cutting head makes it possible to cut mitres into the tube profiles. The maximum mitre cut by our machine is 45 degrees. 

We stock an extensive range of the most commonly used hollow sections. Thanks to the size of our stock, we can often go straight from receiving an order to production.

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MAZAK 3D Fabri Gear 400 lll

  • 3D Cutting 45º

  • Max.  Ø 406 mm

  • Workpiece 15m/15m

  • Max T= 20mm

  • Tapping unit M5-M12

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