About us

It is the duty of a subcontractor to manufacture durable, precision-machined and competitively priced components. When the components are made for robust machinery in agriculture and forestry, construction, treatment lines or factories, they are often demanding to make. Machining such components is often challenging and transporting them from one subcontractor to another is expensive and time-consuming.

As our customer base grew, we realised that by investing in providing a comprehensive service, we would increase the productivity of all parties concerned. When there is no need to transport components between subcontractors, it speeds up lead-times and reduces the costs of administrative work and freight. We made acquiring the most efficient machinery on the market our starting point. These machines have helped us to make our working stages considerably more effective and to reduce the amount of manual work. The components ordered from us flow easily from one stage to the next in our production. When the order is handled under one roof from start to finish, it’s clear that it will save everybody time. What’s more, speedier production and the reduction of manual work translate into more affordable components in terms of total costs.

From a workshop with one water jet cutting machine, we have grown into a factory with state-of-the-art plant and equipment. We have particularly invested in top-of-the line laser cutting and press-brake bending machines and expertise. If you wish, we will also machine and weld your components. Our plant and equipment allow us to work on extremely large and demanding pieces, but also simple ones. We are the experts to turn to when you need precision-machined components or complex pieces that require press-brake bending and machining.

As a subcontractor company, we always execute the designer’s vision. Engineering software and design are evolving at great speed. We share the designer’s goal: how to manufacture a piece with as few seams and fastenings and as little machining as possible.

Power to component manufacture – Ateno


– We want to serve companies that strive to keep the manufacture of machines, devices and industrial machinery made in their region as competitive as possible. In order to do that, we have to be able to meet the needs of advancing engineering companies striving to produce pieces with fewer and fewer seams and more precise alignments. We must also be able to rise to the challenge of pricing competition so that the price of the components we supply makes the total price of the product more affordable.

Juhani Koivisto and Kari Koivisto